Day 27: South Stack to Aberystwyth

What atrocious weather! That’s all I can say. My trip involved a lot of driving today, but I was glad to be in the car and out of the rain to be honest.

It woke me up a couple of times early this morning, but the tent is doing well and holding its own. I had a quick chat with Betty, the owner of the campsite I stayed at last night, while she hung out of the window. She made sure I was warned that it was going to be windy in central and southern Wales and that they’ve just reintroduced parking wardens in Aberystwyth. A bit of insider information, bless her!

So, my first stop was obviously my second attempt at South Stack and I am pleased to report it was a success this time, if a little wet. Due to the dodgy weather and cloudy, dark skies I was able to see the light in action, which was wonderful! It’s one of the most stunning lighthouses I’ve seen on my trip and I defy anyone to not find it a fantastic site. It’s a little out of the way, but worth a visit (and I didn’t even go on the island itself – I was about an hour too early for that). It was very very wet though and the camera got a bit wet and the lens steamed up, which I’ve dealt with now, but completely worth the hassle. Loved it!

I then drove to Newborough Forest (apparently it’s not far from where William and Kate live) to see the lighthouse at Llanddwyn Island. When the tide is out the island becomes more of a peninsula, but it was definitely high tide so no access to that one. It had been built up a bit as Michael, who I met at the campsite near Ardnamurchan, had proposed to his girlfriend there. Lovely story, but I’m guessing the weather was a little better that day!

I was pleased then to settle into the confines of the car for a long drive to Aberystwyth. I planned to go via Porthmadog (which I did) and visit Portmeirion (which I didn’t). I must have missed a turning and could have gone around in a circle, but didn’t really fancy it as there was a fair build-up of traffic. So, I gave that a miss.

Aberystwyth was fairly uneventful. The green and white striped beacon (pictured) on the end of the pier wasn’t hugely inspiring, but I got to purchase a hot chocolate from The Hut on the seafront (the lady who worked there told me where the nearest public facilities were so I felt it would be rude not to go back and buy a drink) and encounter the strange traffic in central Aberystwyth (it was very busy on one road and then it just dispersed and vanished – very odd).

I arrived at Greenore Campsite for the night, which is located a few miles east of Cardigan. The owners, Sue and David, were really welcoming and gave me a tour of the place and Sue brought over a cup of tea and a few slices of cake as a welcome. Apparently she does it for everyone, which is a lovely touch. You don’t find that sort of service at many campsites (but that’s a different blog post in itself – for another time). 🙂

One thought on “Day 27: South Stack to Aberystwyth

  1. So glad you made it to South Stack hun. And ahhh bless Betty and of course Sue and David with their tea and cake. Hope the weather improves for you for your last few days. I am incredibly proud of you. Much love and lots of hugs xox

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