Day 28: A distinct lack of lighthouses

An early blog today purely for the simple reason that there isn’t much to tell.

Last night I spent a lovely evening in the Camper’s Cabin at Greenore Campsite. They offered me a glass of wine and, because they weren’t creepy old men, I accepted. There was lots of laughter and chatting, but I made sure I went to bed before it got completely dark as I wanted to be able to find my tent!

During the night I was awoken at around 1.30am by some pretty strong winds and heavy rain. It had been expected, but I continued with the camping business anyway. I was awake then for about an hour and a half before I managed to get back to sleep. I then awoke again at about 6.20am to even stronger winds. I was very proud of the tent as it held its own against nature’s forces, although it wasn’t a particularly enjoyable experience.

Based on the weather situation, which was set to continue throughout the day in South Wales, I decided that it would be neither pleasant nor entirely safe to go wandering about on the coast. As a result I chose to leave Wales and head to the south coast of England where the gales weren’t expected to be quite so strong. The benefit of being on the south or south east coast is that I am also only a couple of hours away from home.

So, my plan is to continue my trip from Southampton tomorrow, starting from Southsea and heading anti-clockwise and see how far I get.

We shall see how that goes. Of course I can’t leave this post without a picture though, so here’s Morcambe lighthouse from day 24. 🙂

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