Day 10: Bass Rock to Elie Ness

So, I might have added Bass Rock to my list as it was visible from the mainland and it’s just epic. It’s essentially a massive lump of rock sticking out of the sea with a lighthouse on it. I’ve seen it from about three different angles now and it’s amazing!

My second stop, once I found it, was Fidra, another island (closer to the coast than Bass Rock). Not quite as impressive, but still great to walk about near the beach to see it.

The same, unfortunately, can’t be said for my next stop in Newhaven. I saw it eventually, but only after numerous wrong turns. It was pretty much the same story in Methil. The small lighthouse is no longer in use and, for some reason, I found it a bit of a challenge to spot, only just about managing it before I was about to give up.

I then checked in at a campsite in Luddin Links. It’s a great site and, best of all, the owners have just brought me a birthday card and cake. This, once again, shows just how lovely people are being!

This evening I took a drive to Elie to try and redeem the day and it certainly did that. The small lighthouse on Elie Ness (pictured) is a picturesque little thing, like a small castle! It’s in a stunning location and luckily the sun had come out this afternoon, so I got some amazing views of Ruby Bay, the lighthouse and back across the villages to the west.

I feel sorry for poor Little Car today. She’s been bumped about a bit. The main incident was when I reversed into a high kerb, so I’ve had to tape her mud flap back on. Oops! I also knocked her door against a wall when I got out of Elie. I have been apologising to her a lot recently! 🙂

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