Day 11: Anstruther to Scurdie Ness

Well, what can I say about this weather except it’s just amazing?! Completely unexpected for Scotland. The only problem is that it’s brought the mosquitoes (which are, apparently, really bad on the west coast), so I’ve been on mosquito watch all day and have bought some stuff to, hopefully, protect me from them.

Anyway, before going to my first stop, Anstruther, I happened upon Pittenweem, a lovely little fishing village with some amazing views. Anstruther itself is very similar, except it has a very pointy lighthouse and about four piers (trying to find the right pier to walk along to approach the lighthouse was trickier than you might think! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt so far on this trip, it’s that what looks like the shortest distance to a destination isn’t necessarily the right one. I’ve experienced a number of occasions when I’ve chosen a path that looks like it heads directly towards the lighthouse, but then it’s veered off on a completely different path.

The weather started off brilliantly this morning and has continued all day, which makes a big difference. I’ve seen some amazing views, which (I’m pretty sure) would have looked a lot less interesting in the rain.

One lighthouse that I had managed to miss off of my list, but was informed about by my dad just a couple of nights ago, was at Fife Ness. I wasn’t entirely sure that I’d find it as I hadn’t prepared for it, but I parked up at a golf club near where I thought it would be. I asked the guy in the golf shop if he knew where it was. He didn’t, but he knew which direction it wasn’t in, which helped a little. So, I found it fairly easily and understood why it hadn’t shown up on my Google satellite view with images. It’s just tucked away in the cliff and isn’t easily seen from a distance. I had a bit of a walk to get to it, but I expected no less from Scotland!

I then drove north, through St Andrews and towards Dundee, where I headed east again. My next stop was in Barry, just between Monifieth and Carnoustie. There is a lighthouse on Buddon Ness, which I was only about to see from a distance. The problem with this area are the damn golf courses everywhere! Boo hiss!

My final lighthouse stop of the day was Scurdie Ness (pictured) in Montrose. Again, it was a good old walk to get to it, but luckily this one was tall enough to be seen a mile off, so I knew I was headed the right way. It’s a very “Scottish” lighthouse in that it looks very similar to the other major lights, but just like them it has some amazing surroundings. Lots of picture opportunities!

I’ve made a friend called Tom at the campsite I am staying at tonight. He’s ginger, very fluffy and a little bit chubby, but a friendly little cat!

Tomorrow I have a long old drive between my first three destinations, but hopefully the A90 will be good to me! 🙂

One thought on “Day 11: Anstruther to Scurdie Ness

  1. I never knew that Scottish Lighthouses are typically white with a black tip! And I love that you made a fluffy ginger cat – can you bring him/her home with you?

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