Day 4: River Ouse to Withernsea

What a great day! I managed seven lighthouses all in one day and without any major hurry either.

My first stops were two lighthouses on the River Ouse, one in Whitgift and the second in Goole. Unfortunately I was not able to access the structure in Whitgift as it’s on private land, but it was visible from the road. Just along the road from the lighthouse at Goole is the Yorkshire Waterways Museum, which details the creation of Goole and its harbour. Although it’s not a huge museum it’s still worth a visit (and free) if you’re ever in the area. They run boat trips on Fridays and weekends too.

I may have “accidentally” parked on double yellow lines in Hull today, but I’d missed the turning for the car parks and the Spurn Light Vessel was just sitting there in the harbour waiting for me to stop and say hello. So I did! It’s really well-positioned next to the main road running through Hull (it may, in fact, be part of the A63) and is open to the public. Even better!

Paull and Thorngumbald were my next stops. It was in Paull that I got a bit windswept for the first (but definitely not the last) time today! A very tiny little place and a modest little lighthouse to match! Access to the lighthouse at Thorngumbald was, unfortunately, not possible, but I spotted it from a distance and took a bit of a ‘Where’s Wally’ picture of it.

Then I moved on to the most amazing so far: Spurn Point! It was really windy, but I drove out onto the spit, stopping occasionally to take some pictures, wherever it was possible to open the car door without it being torn off by the wind! The new lighthouse (pictured) and the old are both wonderful and it was great to see them next to each other at one point. The drive to the lighthouse was a huge part of the experience. I would encourage anyone who likes the coast, walking or lighthouses (of course) to go! Bit of a sticky situation on the way back when I nearly got stuck in the sand at a passing point, but I forced Little Car out (phew)! So, if you’re ever anywhere near it, just go!

My final stop of the day was Withernsea where the lighthouse (as in Southwold) is in the middle of the town. It’s a great little place with an intriguing entrance tower-type structure on the seafront.

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