Day 3: Cromer to Killingholme

What a day! It’s had its highs and its lows and now (thankfully) I’m settled into my tent in a tiny tiny village/hamlet called Brandy Wharf. There’s a cider centre just down the road, but I’ve been very good at keeping my sensible head on! Well done me!

So, my first night in the tent provided some “suitable” weather for testing its strength. I am pleased to report that it battled on through the strong wind and rain this morning and we both made it out the other side. Success!

My trip to Cromer involved taking a road that was signposted ‘no public access’, but when did that ever stop me! I knew people drove up there as there are holiday cottages in the buildings around the lighthouse, so I decided they were lying and went ahead and drove on up! I only captured a few shots (unfortunately none on my phone so no picture tonight I’m afraid – unless you like windmills, of which there are quite a few) as it was very cold and very wet.

Luckily, by the time I reached Hunstanton and the old lighthouse on the cliffs overlooking the beach, the rain had cleared up and, although it was still cold, I braved a short walk on the beach. Very lovely!

Sutton Bridge got me moving after that! I got a bit too keen with turning immediately after crossing the bridge and ended up parking and walking for around an hour to reach the intriguing lighthouses at the The Wash. They are on opposite sides of the river, but I was fortunate enough to be on the side of the lighthouse that, at its base, had a conservatory-looking affair with an almost 180 degree view of the river and its entrance. A really good walk!

I drove for a long time to reach my final destination of the day: Killingholme. It rained, it hailed and the sun came out throughout the course of my journey. Once I had spent an hour in the maze of streets and stinky factories of Immingham, going in and out of North and South Killingholme, I almost had to quit on one of the lighthouses (or should I say two – one white, one red). I made it there eventually, but I’m certain I will never go back to Immingham again!

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