Day 18: Skye Bridge to Ornsay Island

Now, this may not look far on a map, but I’m actually staying at Ardnamurchan this evening, so I’ve had a bit of a drive since Ornsay.

So, my day began with the lighthouse at Skye Bridge (pictured). It would be easy to miss it as it’s visible just as you are entering Kyle of Lochalsh from the mainland, but after that there’s no sign of it. I was looking for it though, which always helps. There are a few parking spaces at the east entrance to the bridge and a small gate which leads you to a path. The path takes you under the bridge and gives you a good view of the lighthouse. I’m not sure that I was actually supposed to be there, but I did it anyway!

Once on Skye, I then took another single-track road to Kylerhea where there is a ferry that goes to Glenelg where there is a small lighthouse (see what I did there?) I avoided going on the ferry and saw it from across Kyle Rhea instead as I wasn’t quite ready to leave Skye (Ornsay beckoned). The two men who worked on the ferry tried to tempted me over saying that I’d have a better view over the other side, but I wasn’t having any of it.

Ornsay, being on an island, wasn’t accessible, but I saw it from afar and got a chance to see a cute little village at the same time (it was essentially just a pub, gallery and a few houses). Lovely!

I’ve seen some amazing views on my travels today and taken the time to enjoy them a bit more.

From Ornsay I headed south for the ferry to Mallaig. The ferry journey itself was pretty standard, no hugely amazing scenery, but the weather today has been a bit overcast so it probably didn’t look its best.

I then attempted to reach Ardnamurchan by the shortest possible route, which turned out to be even longer. After about half an hour on this one road I arrived at a road closed sign, along with a few other drivers. However, rather than stand around wondering how to proceed (like they did), I just turned around and drove back. My alternative route was a little more out of the way, but I made it eventually and am all set up for a trip to Ardnamurchan lighthouse in the morning! 🙂

One thought on “Day 18: Skye Bridge to Ornsay Island

  1. All of this is making me totally in awe of you strength of character, driving skills, and most importantly navigational powers! Just imagine what would have happened if I was directing! You’d still be trying to find the first lighthouse!

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