One crazy lady and a bizarre obsession = an ongoing tour of the best lighthouses the UK has to offer

To Wrath or not to Wrath?!

on 10/01/2012

Cape Wrath lighthouse sits nice and quietly by itself on the most north-westerly point of mainland UK. It contains the Ozone Cafe, which seats just 8 people and is separated from the nearest village by the Kyle of Durness and 11 miles of uninhabited land used by the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force as a military bombardment range.

The journey to reach Cape Wrath involved two stages: firstly, taking a small boat (they call it a ferry, but a ferry seats more than eight people, surely!) from Durness Village across the Kyle of Durness, which takes around 15 minutes. On the other side a minibus is available for the 40 minute ride to the lighthouse across the miltary range.

If you have the the list of around 200 lighthouses on mainland UK you will understand why I am hesitant to take a large part of a whole day of my trip to visit just this single lighthouse. However, looking at some of the images of the landscape, the prospect of seeing some of Britain’s highest cliffs, Common Seals and a range of other wildlife, you can forgive me for being tempted.

So, I am asking for your thoughts. Should I head for Wrath or should I not? You decide!

Sarah 🙂

6 responses to “To Wrath or not to Wrath?!

  1. lolly204 says:

    Do it for the common seals. It does look to amazing not to. xxx

  2. jaynetumber says:

    Sarah, you should definately go, it sounds like a fantastic experience!

  3. milges says:

    Yes, do it!!

  4. janecziborra says:

    May be a day, but the tour has to be best time to do this. A new lighthouse experience has got to be worth it.

  5. Thanks everyone! Decision made then! To the Wrath I go!!!

  6. Bob says:

    I’m glad that you did Cape Wrath lighthouse. It was nice meeting you 🙂

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