Accommodation ideas?!

Hi all!

So, I’m at that really exciting stage of my tour-planning where I’m going to stay, trawling through Google Maps and various other websites to develop some form of comprehensible list of reasonably-priced campsites and the occasional cheap B&B to fulfil my sleeping needs while I’m away. Fun times indeed!

As part of this mass research activity, I am happy to accept any recommendations you may have and wish to share. The only requirements I have is that they are based near the coast of mainland UK, accept tents (for campsites), and don’t cost the earth to stay for one night. I am also hoping to avoid chain-campsites (if that’s what they are called) where possible.

Additionally, please also let me know if you’ve had a disastrous experience at any coastal campsite or B&B so I know where not to go! If you wish to, then do share any interesting stories/experiences you may have from coastal trips or holidays!


Sarah 🙂

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