Here is a fairly comprehensive list of those who have supported me and (most importantly) made the tour possible. You are all amazing!

  • Bob – for being in the right place at the right time and for continuing the tour with me after the month was up
  • The parents – for the tent, support and contribution
  • Gavin Williams and Premier FD
  • My boss – for allowing me the time off work
  • Liz – for the very thoughtful Shewee and contribution
  • Katers, Jane, Michael, Marc and Johan – for making it possible for me to get the camera I really wanted
  • The Ransomes – for your generosity
  • Meaters – for the travel journal and contribution
  • Laura – for the brilliant ideas for a curious mind
  • Smelly – for the incredibly handy compact shower
  • Dave – for the fun and patience whilst teaching me to drive and for the warning triangle and spare bulb kit
  • Martyn and Katie – for the pots and pans
  • Nicholas Leach and Tony Denton – for their incredibly useful series of Lighthouse books
  • To everyone I met along the way who helped to make it the amazing journey it was
  • and those family members who gave support and made additional financial contributions

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