Links and Resources

Here are some sites you may find interesting if you would like to find out more about the UK’s lighthouses.

Association of Lighthouse Keepers – A forum for everyone with an interest in lighthouses, lightships and navigation aids.

Trinity House – General Lighthouse Authority for England and Wales.

The Northern Lighthouse Board – General Lighthouse Authority for Scotland and the Isle of Man.

Commissioners of Irish Lights – General Lighthouse Authority for Ireland, including Northern Ireland.

Research and Radionavigation: General Lighthouse Authorities – Undertakes research into navigation to support the work of the UK and Ireland General Lighthouse Authorities.

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses – Contains several galleries and hosts regular events, exhibitions and open days.

The National Trust – Owner of Souter, Orford Ness and South Foreland lighthouses.

Safety at Sea: All About Lighthouses – gives a good overview of what lighthouses are, how they are used and contains some additional useful links too.

Lighthouses: Guiding Ships to Safety – answers lots of commonly (and less commonly asked) questions about lighthouses, as well as featuring links to further useful resources.

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