Our new lighthouse bagger!

Just under two weeks ago we welcomed a very new addition to the UK lighthouse tour – our son Seumas!

For the nine months leading up to Seumas’s birth, we visited a number of lighthouses, including a tour of Kinnaird Head lighthouse where we purchased a certificate to prove that he (in the womb) had climbed to the top of the lighthouse.

little lighthouse bagger1Of course, it was never going to be long before Seumas visited his first ever lighthouse after joining us in the outside world. Although we were all keen to be home after being released from Raigmore Hospital, we made the effort and took a slight detour to Tarbet Ness lighthouse. Although it was just as misty as the first time I’d visited this lighthouse, we managed to get a family picture including Seumas’s Association of Lighthouse Keepers teddy bear.

As you might expect, we already have plans to help Seumas to visit some more lighthouses in the coming months. We’ve also received some fantastic lighthouse gifts for him, including matching lighthouse jumper, hat and mittens from Bob’s mum as well as a knitted lighthouse, and I managed to find a lighthouse sleepsuit for him too.

Let’s hope he grows up to appreciate lighthouses just as much as his parents do. On the other hand, he could just find it all completely embarrassing as he gets older! Only time will tell!

The day after we arrived home we had a visit from Martyn who I had met on my lighthouse tour back in 2012. Martyn is walking around the coast of the UK and I met him at a B&B in Withernsea. He got in touch to say that he had reached the north coast of Scotland and we arranged for him to stop by the house on his way from Strathy to Dunnet. It was good to see him again and introduce him to Bob, as well as Seumas, of course. He is progressing well around the coast and has some big plans for taking his walk further afield once he is done with the mainland.

So, it’s been a life-changing month, but certainly the beginning of (what we hope will be) a new chapter of adventures with our little boy in tow! 🙂

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