uklighthousetour2012 in figures

Here are some fascinating facts I wanted to share with you about my tour.

The final map with red dots showing the places I visited during the month

Distance travelled: 4,379.6 miles

Cost of petrol: £610.55 + a tank on the first day that I can’t find the receipt for (so around £655)

Petrol stops: 22 (this is based on filling up when I got down to half a tank whilst in Scotland, just to be on the safe side)

Days spent in England: 14 1/4

Days spent in Scotland: 13 1/4

Days spent in Wales: 2 1/2

Number of lighthouses seen: 147

Number of lighthouses visited (inside): 6

Number of lighthouse steps climbed: 451

Most lighthouses seen in one day: 9 (days 12 and 13)

Number of photos taken: 2,631

Number of ferries caught: 3

Number of campsites stayed at: 22

Number of B&Bs stayed at: 4

Number of days spent using a satnav: 0

Number of failed attempts at using the satnav before giving up on it: 3

Number of bird injuries or fatalities resulting from the tour: 2

Number of bird injuries or fatalities resulting from the tour that were intentional: 0

These are just some of the statistics, but let me know if there is anything else you would like to know here and I will endeavour to provide the answers. 🙂

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