Day 24: Walney Island to Lytham St Anne’s (sort of)

Yep, it’s another sort of. Again, I will explain shortly.

Phew, what a day. I’ve basically been circling Morcambe Bay all day. Not always entirely successfully, but I gave it a good bash.

Walney Island was my first stop of the day and I only managed to see the lighthouse from a distance. This was mainly due to the fact that it’s within the grounds of a nature reserve and it was likely that I was going to have to pay to reach it. I ain’t interested in any of that paying business!

Today’s second stop was Rampside, which is the other side of the river from the Walney Island lighthouse. It’s a bit of an odd one, this. It basically looks like a really tall rectangular structure with a pointy roof (imagine a typical house as a child would draw it, but with the main body  being stretched vertically). Different, but in a good way, of course.

The lighthouse at Ulverston is majestically wonderful! It’s on top of a hill overlooking the town and looks absolutely stunning. I decided against walking up as it looked pretty steep!

Morecambe was my next stop and a very non-Jubilee infested place, apparently! The lighthouse is on the end of the town’s Stone Jetty, which was quite nice and the weather was rather pleasant for a stroll. This was also where I fulfilled my long-lasting craving for a pot of tea!

Just down the road is Heysham where there are two lighthouses. I managed to see one of them, which is next to the P&O ferry terminal. The other was not accessible or visible and, I believe, it’s in the grounds of a nuclear power plant. Wasn’t keen on that, so I forgot about that one.

Glasson Dock was also unsuccessful, unfortunately. It is locked (and tucked away, it seems) in a working site, so although I attempted to view it from a number of angles, I just could not spot it. Boo hiss!

Plover Scar is one of those structures that you can access at low tide apparently, but there was no direct road to the beach, so I decided to be content to view it from afar. Can you sense how bothered I was about these smaller guiding lights in harbours and stuff?!

Having said that, I absolutely adored my next stop, Fleetwood. In Fleetwood they love their fishermen and, therefore, their lighthouses. The structures are beautiful (pictured is the taller light which is a little further inland). The whole town has a lovely feel about it. They have lots of memorials to fishermen who lost their lives through their work and I caught sight of a memorial park as I was leaving. I’d love to go back their for another, longer visit in the future. They also have trams!

My final stop of the day was Lytham. Now, the reason I used ‘sort of’ in the title of this post is because I’m going to need to check my research again. I went for a wander and found the building that is apparently now topped by the old lighthouse that used to be on the sand dunes, but I’ve also read a piece about the design of the building, which mentions nothing about the lighthouse. Might need to check my sources again.

So, aside from all of that, the most dramatic event today was narrowly escaping getting 3 points on my licence! I arrived here in Lytham St Anne’s and went to turn into the road I’m staying on and, just as I turned I realised that it said no entry. It just so happened that there was a policeman nearby who came over. He had obviously seen that I was trying to correct my error so he said that he wouldn’t give me a ticket this time, but not to do it again. Oopsy!

Due to these here bank holidays I wasn’t able to find a campsite with space for a small one tonight, so I’m in a B&B. I’m pleased really as I have had a few cold and uncomfortable nights sleep in the tent recently, so I’ll be revived and ready for my (probably) last day of this month-long tour in England. Bring on Wales! 🙂

One thought on “Day 24: Walney Island to Lytham St Anne’s (sort of)

  1. OMG reading your blog posts, in particular this one, I can hear your voice! It’s as if you are reading them to me!

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