Day 14: Cromarty to Noss Head

So, I woke up this morning to a horrible sea mist, which played a huge part in the majority of my day, unfortunately.

I had attempted to visit Cromarty lighthouse (pictured) with a few friends a couple of years ago, but without success. It turns out we were just one road away from the lighthouse and a few metres from a map showing where it was. Never mind, I found it today, regardless of the persistent mist, which I kept being told by the weather people on BBC Radio Scotland would be burnt off by the sun by the afternoon. It wasn’t.

My second stop was Tarbat Ness, which is not only on a high cliff, it’s also pretty tall itself. It was easy enough to find, but as I approached it was barely visible with all of the mist. I managed to see it well enough by walking to it though and had a stroll down towards the rocks in front of it. Some fantastic views there.

The drive to my next stop, Lybster, was long, creepy and a little frightening at times. The A9 winds in and out of the hills, which I’m sure were lovely. I was completely focussed on the road though as I had cars behind me, bends that I had no idea how “bendy” they would be and the mist to contend with. Not sure I’d want to do that again. Fingers crossed I don’t have to.

The mist seemed to clear just as I reached Lybster. In fact, I could see where it started from the harbour. The lighthouse in Lybster is on the end of the pier and is no longer in use, but I’m sure it would be a really nice little area without the dreaded mist.

My final stop of the day was in Wick. I drove to the harbour to see the two lights there and then on to Noss Head. The lighthouse at Noss Head is on private land so there were no close-ups of this one for me, unfortunately!

I made the decision, after hours of driving today, to stay put in Wick for the night and not head for my next stop, Duncansby Head, at John O’Groats. So, that’s where I’m headed first thing tomorrow: the most north easterly point of mainland UK! 🙂

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